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4 Possible Mobile Browser Simulators to Help With Website Testing

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4 Possible Mobile Browser Simulators to Help With Website Testing

An attractive website should be synergized with an efficient structure. In order to make sure that they optimize their potential for traffic, business owners should check their website over several different mobile platforms. If the business owner does not have the device ready, however, one of the best ways to check a website is through the use of a mobile browser simulator. Consider these four options when you need to see how your website will react with different mobile browsers.

Mobile Test

This can be one of the most useful websites for users to browse through. It features a unique variety of mobile devices that can be clicked on to instantly create the desired mobile browser simulator. Devices include the Samsung Galaxy, the Nokia Lumia, the Apple iPhone, and much more. The emulators load seamlessly, providing users with plenty of options to see how their website will function on different devices.


When you need to test how your website will look on Apple products exclusively, this website can be invaluable. It has several simulator options for the ipad and the iphone, allowing you to load your website on both devices. Once the display loads your website, you can scroll and browse as necessary, determining what sections may need improvement and which ones work as intended.

Mobile Phone Emulator

This detailed website showcases a very easy to use interface that can help any individual find their bearings. Several menus and tabs provide users with the versatility they need to determine what mobile platforms will work best with their website. Several different phones can be tested and there is even a horizontal and vertical option, testing your website’s dimensional capabilities. The website is available in English and French, providing bilingual support for those who need it.

Choosing any of the aforementioned websites can help you determine how compatible your website is with different mobile browsers and what you may need to do to make your site even more effective.

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