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4 Warning Signs That You Don’t Cross Browser Test Enough

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4 Warning Signs That You Don’t Cross Browser Test Enough

There are numerous browser platforms that your website’s visitors may use to access your website, and you may be aware that your website may be formatted differently in each browser. While it may not be feasible to format the website so that it looks perfect in all browsers, you should cross browser test sufficiently to ensure that the website is formatted suitably for most visitors to view it properly. After all, it can be frustrating to your visitors when they cannot view the pages properly, and it can make your website ineffective. There are a few key signs that may indicate that you do not cross browser test sufficiently.

Does Your Website Work in All Major Browsers?

While there are many browsers that different visitors may use, the majority will use the top browsers. Because of this, if you have to make important formatting decisions or if your time is limited, you want to ensure that your website at least functions properly in these major browsers. This is easy to check by simply opening your website in each of the browsers and clicking on all of the links on your page.

Do You Know Which Browsers Your Audience Is Using?

Each website will appeal to a different target audience, and naturally, some target audiences will be more inclined to use one browser over another. In order to formatting your website correctly, so that the maximum number of users can access the site and view it correctly, you want to ensure that the website is formatted properly for the one or several browsers that your target audience uses.

Are You Getting Error Reports From Users?

When you get error reports from users, you may be inclined to overlook one or two reports. This may be especially true if you cannot reproduce those same errors in your own developmental browser. However, when you receive numerous reports from your users about the same or similar issues, this is a sign that there is indeed an issue with your website that needs to be addressed. Keep in mind that some users will simply click off of your website when they run into an issue, and they will not report it. Therefore, the number of users who are reporting the issue may be just a fraction of those who are experiencing the issue.

Is The Average Visit Time Per User Low?

When you review the analytics or statistics on your website, you should consider the average time visitors stay on your website. When this figure is very low, this is a sign that your visitors may be frustrated by your website. For example, if the formatting is off, visitors may click off of your website within seconds of opening it.

If you notice any of these signs, you may consider the possibility that you do not cross browser test enough. Take time to research these factors, and you may be able to correct issues so that your visitors enjoy a better overall experience with your website.

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker