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5 Most Common Browser Compatibility Issues

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5 Most Common Browser Compatibility Issues

CSS Grid and Flexbox Compatibility Issues

CSS Grid and Flexbox are effective tools that provide great convenience to web designers. However, developing technologies may also bring browser compatibility problems. Although modern browsers generally provide good support, unexpected incompatibilities may occur, especially in older browser versions. To resolve these incompatibilities and deliver a seamless experience, web designers can consider broad or spaced alternative solutions. You can learn more about this here.

WebP and Other Advanced Visual Formats

WebP is an elaborate format by Google that provides efficient visual presentation in web design. It minimizes file sizes while providing high-quality images, allowing websites to be written quickly. However, there may be some limitations in browser compatibility. Therefore, it is important to solve alternative solutions to increase browser compatibility while leveraging the power of WebP.For more details and solutions, You can read more about this here.

SameSite Cookie Policy and Implementation

SameSite cookie policy is a standard developed to increase security measures in browsers. This policy protects user privacy and security by placing limits on cookies from third-party sources. However, implementing this policy may cause some problems. In particular, older browser versions and some special scenarios may cause incompatibility with the SameSite policy. Addressing these incompatibilities and finding a seamless solution is an important issue for web developers.For more details and solutions, You can read more about this here.

Content Security Policy (CSP)

CSP is a standard that ensures the security of web applications. It allows loading content from trusted sources, but misconfiguration or incompatible encodings can cause problems. It is important to configure the CSP carefully and address any potential problems.For more details and solutions,You can read more about this here.

WebAssembly and Browser Support

WebAssembly (Wasm) is a high-performance binary code format in browsers. It is generally supported in common browsers, but full compatibility problems may occur with older browser versions and in some special cases. Handling incompatibilities is an important consideration in WebAssembly projects.For more details and solutions, You can read more about this here.