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Announcing BrowseEmAll 7.0: New Interface, New Browsers, and 64-Bit Support


Announcing BrowseEmAll 7.0: New Interface, New Browsers, and 64-Bit Support

This is big news! The BrowseEmAll dev team is excited to announce the version 7.0 is now available for download and auto-update! In this major update you’ll find a complete redesign of the user interface along loads of new features! Here is what’s new:

New User Interface

The application has an all-new look, including graphics, colors and lot’s of new features for your convenience. Here are just a few as examples:

  • You can now restart old Live Tests and Compare Test with just one click
  • The URL history is now available in every module
  • Help videos and texts are available all through the application

New Browsers

We have integrated new browser engines like Chrome 47 & 48, Firefox 43 & 44 and Opera 34. We will continue to closely match the development of the browser vendors to give you an up to date development tool to work with.

64 Bit Support

BrowseEmAll can finally run in native 64 bit mode if you are running a 64 bit windows. Of course all browsers will run in 64 bit mode as well to make testing of these engines possible as well.

That’s all?

In addition to all of this great stuff, we also made many bug fixes and performance improvements in the application.

How To Update

That is really easy. All customers with a subscription license or active maintenance contract can simply download the update or close and reopen the application to take advantage of the automated update process. Depending on the speed of your internet connection the update should not take longer than 15 minutes.

As always feel free to contact our support team ( with any issues you might encounter.