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Basic Tools to Test A Website in 15 Minutes Or Less

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Basic Tools to Test A Website in 15 Minutes Or Less

Ever developer knows the feeling of another finished project. The last tag has been closed, the final CSS rule was applied and JavaScript got one final semicolon. But soon the testing will start and you will face a few (or countless who really knows in advance) bugs and oversights that need fixing. In this article we show you some tools which you can use to analyze your website for the most common (and often easy to fix) errors. Often it makes sense to run these after each change to any website just to make sure that nothing has been broken accidental.

Obvious Spelling Errors

Spelling Errors can have a huge impact in the credibility of any website and unfortunately they are really easy to miss. Luckily they are quite a few tools out there that can help you find these with the click of a button. Here is one of the best (check out the full page scan functionality):



The internet is in constant flow. Old pages get shut down and new ones go online everyday. So even if all external links on a website work today they may not work tomorrow. These tools can check your links automatically so you don’t have to:


Broken Link Checker

Validate You HTML

Did you forget to close that one <div> or the “alt” attribute on one of your images? The W3C HTML validator can tell you. Moreover it can point out less obvious errors in your code which often lead to more complex and not as easy to find cross browser issues.


W3C Validator

Test For Speed

Studies have shown that we are all very impatient. More so if we are shopping. So it’s really important that any website loads blazing fast. Check out the below tool to find the bottlenecks of your page.



Mobile Friendly Testing

More than 60 % of web users are on a mobile device so it’s highly important that your web page is optimized for mobile. And of course it’s said that Google ranks mobile optimized higher than others. So head over to the mobile friendly tester to see how your website performs.


Mobile Friendly Tester

Accessibility Tester

Can your page be accessed using a screen reader? Did you even check this in the past? No? Than you are like more than ? percent of web developers. But this can stop now, head over to this online accessibility tester.


Accessibility Tester


With this tools you can easily test all important points of any website in less than 15 minutes. Of course fixing these errors can take more time but with time you will already fix these issues during development.

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