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BrowseEmAll 8: Accurate IE, Microsoft Edge, Safari 10, Native Developer Tools, and Selenium Grid Support

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BrowseEmAll 8: Accurate IE, Microsoft Edge, Safari 10, Native Developer Tools, and Selenium Grid Support

Nearly 10 months have passed since the last major update to our on-premises cross-browser testing tool BrowseEmAll. So it is rather big news that today the next major version is available! In this new release you will find:

  • 100% accurate Internet Explorer testing
  • Microsoft Edge available on Windows 7 and higher
  • Safari 10 testing directly on Windows
  • All browsers finally include their native developer tools
  • Support for Selenium Tests using Selenium Grid

Below you can read more about the new features. Of course our support team is always ready to answer any more questions.

Accurate Internet Explorer

We have integrated the original version of Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11 inside the new BrowseEmAll application. This means you get 100% accurate rendering results for your Internet Explorer testing regardless of the Windows version you are currently running.

Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 and higher

With Windows 10 Microsoft has released a brand new browser called Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately this new browser runs exclusively on Windows 10 which makes testing for it even harder. BrowseEmAll will make Microsoft Edge available for testing on Windows 7 and higher. Of course this includes live testing, screenshots and Selenium automation.

Test for Safari 10

Apple has discontinued the Windows version of Safari a few years back which makes testing for Safari 10 a real problem if you don’t have access to any OS X device. Fortunately BrowseEmAll will make WebKit, the rendering engine behind Safari, available for you to run on Windows. This also includes the normal developer tools included in Safari 10.

Native Developer Tools

Every browser has its own developer tools which can be very useful to find and fix cross browser compatibility bugs. So starting today the browsers inside BrowseEmAll will include their native developer tools.

Selenium Grid Support

Need to run Selenium tests against many different browsers? Our solution can provide you with a on-premise Selenium Grid that can run tests in all major browsers right on your machine and in your local network. This makes testing of staging environments or intranet pages possible.

How To Update

That is really easy. All customers with a subscription license or active maintenance contract can simply download the update or close and reopen the application to take advantage of the automated update process. Depending on the speed of your internet connection the update should not take longer than 15 minutes. Please note that after the update some browser have to be downloaded inside the application.

As always feel free to contact our support team ( with any issues you might encounter.