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BrowseEmAll OS X Installation Guide

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BrowseEmAll OS X Installation Guide

In this short guide, we will show you how to use BrowseEmAll directly on OS X without using a Virtual Machine.

Please follow the below steps to install BrowseEmAll on your OS X installation:

1. Please install the Microsoft Remote App application found in the App Store

2. After installation please open the newly installed application.

3. Select Azure RemoteApp and then select Get Started in the new window

02-Select Azure RemoteApp

4. Enter the Username provided by our support team. It should have the format [something]

5. Enter the password provided by us. You might get prompted to update your password


6. Select the invitation ‘Work Resources’ by and close the dialog afterward

05-Select Work Resources by

7. Now you should have the possibility to double click BrowseEmAll

06-Close the window

8. After a few seconds BrowseEmAll should open as shown in the picture below.