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Cross Browser Test Your Website in 10 Minutes or Less

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Cross Browser Test Your Website in 10 Minutes or Less

BrowseEmAll includes over 20 desktop browsers and many mobile simulators. However, testing your website on all of these can take a lot of time. To make your life easier BrowseEmAll includes cross-browser Page Analytics tool. You just enter the URL and select the browsers you want to test. BrowseEmAll then iterates through all browsers, takes screenshots and analysis the HTML and CSS and JS for you. You can even include these steps in your build environment. In the following section I will show you how to get started using BrowseEmAll cross-browser reporting.

Define Your Report Settings

To create a new cross-browser page analytics report simply select the page analytics button in the top bar:

BrowseEmAll's Landing Page

You’ll get the report settings windows in which you can enter the URL (or open a file), select a resolution and select all of the browsers and mobile devices you want to test.

page analytics browser selection

After you have set everything up just click the Generate Analytics button.

Wait and Relax

Now BrowseEmAll will automatically iterate through all selected browsers and mobile devices. You don’t need to do anything… Doesn’t that sound great?

How to Read the Report

After a few minutes the new cross-browser report will be available (and should automatically be opened in your browser).  The report starts with a quick summary which gives you the first suggestions of which browser may contain rendering errors. This summary will look something like this:

page analytics report summary

As you can see, there are lots of different options for you to track information about your webpage. You can click on different boxes to get information about the related content such ass Summary, HTML, CSS, Console, Resources and Compatibility boxes.

page analytics report

In this detailed breakdown you can see a screenshot of the page rendered in the selected browsers (in this case Chrome 108 and Firefox 107) and a breakdown of HTML and CSS errors. As you can see in this example console outputs explain different errors related to the page. This way you will be able to quickly identify and resolve many issues in all supported browsers.