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Get Your Website Internet Explorer 10 ready

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Get Your Website Internet Explorer 10 ready

As you’ve surely already heard, the new Windows 8 will be out in October 2012. Microsoft has included lots of new features and bug fixes in this Windows version, including a new Internet Explorer version, version 10. Now every designer, developer, and website owner has to make sure that their website will be displayed correctly using the new Internet Explorer. In this post, I would like to point out some resources that will help you to get your website IE 10 ready.

Please keep in mind that currently Internet Explorer 10 is available on Windows 8 so make sure to install the release preview to test properly.

Internet Explorer Compatibility Modes

First, you should find out in which mode Internet Explorer will show your page. To do this simply open your website using Internet Explorer and press F12 to open the Developer Tools.

Make sure that the browser mode and the document mode match your current Internet Explorer version. If not, please make sure you use the correct DOCTYPE (How to choose the right DOCTYPE) and the X-UA-Compatibility meta tag is set correctly (What is that?).

Internet Explorer 10 Compat Inspector

Microsoft has created a little JavaScript snippet to help you to detect compatibility issues for the new Internet Explorer. It’s called Compat Inspector and you can get it for free! It’s dead simple to use; just add this JavaScript to your page (you need to add it before all other scripts):

<script src=””></script>

Now if you open the page this script adds a little widget to the top right of your page.

To get more details simply click this widget.

This gives you a good place to start debugging website bugs.

Internet Explorer 10 Developer Guide

Microsoft also created a detailed Guide for Developers which gives an overview of all the new features included in Internet Explorer 10.

Please note that you cannot use any of these features if your Document Mode is set to Internet Explorer 9 or below.

Make sure you didn’t break anything

After you’ve corrected every bug in Internet Explorer 10 you need to perform one last (but important) step. Fire up your cross-browser testing solution and iterate through all browsers to make sure you did not break anything. If, for example, you did edit DOCTYPE and X-UA-Compatibility meta tags take extra time to test all of the old Internet Explorer versions you want to support.

Don’t have any handy method to test all these browsers?