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Learning How to Code? BrowseEmAll Is Now Free for You!


Learning How to Code? BrowseEmAll Is Now Free for You!

Helping everybody who want’s to learn how to code awesome websites is one of our main goals here at BrowseEmAll. So in addition to make a extremely affordable and great to use cross-browser testing tool we’ll now start to do something more! Today I’m excited to announce that starting today our software BrowseEmAll (Student Edition) will be completely free for you if you are currently learning how to code! Or as Steve Jobs once said:

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

 Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder

Need more information? Here it goes:

  1. How can I get the license?
    Simply send us a quick message to Please include tell us how you are learning to code (University, CodeAcademy, … )
  2. How long is this license valid?
    There are no time restrictions, you can use the license as long as you see fit!
  3. What features are included in the Student Edition?
    The Student Edition includes all features of BrowseEmAll Professional!
  4. Does this include support and maintenance?
    Yes, this includes support and maintenance for 1 year, free of charge. You need more time? No problem just contact us once the year is up and we’ll work something out.
  5. We are a school, University (or another educational institution) and want to offer BrowseEmAll to all our students. Will this be possible?
    Sure thing! Please contact us at for the details!

This is another step in our commitment to help everyone whenever possible. We look forward to working with even more students and are always happy to see what great projects come to life with the use of our software. Feel free to let us know about your next project anytime! And of course please help us spread the word:

Learning to code? Use the cross-browser testing solution @BrowseEmAll for free!CLICK TO TWEET

Picture by Michael Pollak