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Run Internet Explorer on Mac OS X Without Using Virtualization

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Run Internet Explorer on Mac OS X Without Using Virtualization

that runs only on Windows, some of them not even on every Windows! Still many of us have to use Internet Explorer on a regular basis to use old cooperate web applications or test our latest work. Of course it is possible to use Virtualization or Wine to get Internet Explorer to run on OS X but this is time consuming to setup and needs quite a few hardware resources to run smoothly. Today I would like to show you how you can leverage the hosted version of our cross browser testing solution BrowseEmAll to run Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 directly on your OS X without any Virtualization!

How does it work?

We run the application on a normal Windows machine in the cloud and make it available to you through a service Microsoft likes to call RemoteApp. In the background it simply syncs the user input with our application running on the server through a normal internet connection. This means our server has to provide the computing power to run the application but you get to use it just like a native application on your local machine.

Better than a browser based solution?

But how is this better than a browser based solution?

  • Our application can run all Windows based browsers side by side
  • You don’t need to wait for a new virtual machine to load if you switch browsers
  • It feels like a native application on your machine and is not bound to a tab in your browser
  • You can run browsers side by side an we sync your input automatically

Is It Cost Effective?

Of course! Our hosted solution is much less expensive than any other cross browser testing service with a similar feature set (live testing, screenshots, page analysis, developer tools and browser compare modes).

How Can I Try It?

That’s easy! Just signup for our free trial.