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The BrowseEmAll iPhone Simulator


The BrowseEmAll iPhone Simulator

How do you test your website or web application on the iPhone? Especially if you don’t own one or don’t want to deploy your website to an actual web server.

There are different iPhone simulators out there, like or But the results of these are rather poor and sometimes misleading. Today I would like to show you a different simulator and compare the results of this simulator to an actual device.

The BrowseEmAll iPhone simulator

BrowseEmAll is a desktop tool to help you to cross-browser test your website (or web application). It includes a pretty good iPhone simulator which is available as a free 30-Day Trial. As I’m the developer of BrowseEmAll, I’ll compare the rendering of the actual device (left) to the BrowseEmAll simulator rendering (right). Let’s see:


YouTube offers a mobile version of its homepage which turns up on the actual device. (Unfortunately, YouTube changes so fast that you can’t take 2 screenshots without any change of content.) Here are the results:

New York Times

The New York Times doesn’t offer a special mobile version. I’ll compare the rendering and scaling between the device and the BrowseEmAll simulator. As you can see, the location-based advertising changes its location:

BrowseEmAll Homepage

To compare a site without fast updating content or location-based ads I’ve taken screenshots of the BrowseEmAll website as well.


As you can see, BrowseEmAll is not (yet) a pixel-perfect match, but it comes pretty close. The BrowseEmAll simulator comes in handy during development, as you can test without deployment to an actual web server. If you plan the final release of your website or web application, you should obviously test it on a real device as well.

Try it for yourself

Try the BrowseEmAll iPhone simulator for yourself! You can download the free 30-Day Trial here. If you believe that your page does not render correctly with the simulator please let me know. You won’t regret it!

Photo by Robert Scoble