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Tools for Developers – 5 Helpful Links to Add to Your Resources List

Web Development

Tools for Developers – 5 Helpful Links to Add to Your Resources List

Whether you develop web or mobile apps, it is crucial to your livelihood that you maintain an awareness of the latest tools at your disposal. From referral networks for developers to recently launched coding tools, keeping track of available resources can have a definite impact on the profitability of your software development business. Check out the following roundup of developer resources to see which ones you can incorporate into your business.


If you are a developer who likes upgrading your skills, check out Devcasts. Offering screen casts on everything from frameworks to databases and languages, Devcast connects you with a variety of informative learning opportunities. You can comment on content you view and socially share screen casts you find informative.


Meeet helps connect developers with potential collaborators and employers. You can use Meeet to find a coder to help complete your project or highlight your current projects in hopes of piquing the interest of potential employers.

Developer Agent

Developer Agent offers a social referral network to developers. Instead of having to prove yourself to potential employers or cold-calling on companies, Developer Agent acts as a referring agency for talented developers. Authorized referrers post anonymous information about developers they are willing to vouch for and the information is sent out as a newsletter to pre-registered individuals and companies. If you are a developer who is available for work (remote or in-house), you are going to want to check out Developer Agent.


Stamplay is an absolute must for developers to have in their arsenal. Think of Stamplay like movable building blocks for creating applications. Simply choose the blocks you need and create apps to suit your requirements.  Offering both free and paid options, you can use this handy platform to create the basics of your design and then tweak your creation with your own ‘bells and whistles’. You won’t have to spend precious time recreating code each time you develop a new application once you discover the power of Stamplay.

Digital Ocean

If you are looking for a hosting solution for the code you create, you are definitely going to want to poke around inside Digital Ocean. You can significantly increase your output by using Digital Ocean as your hosting platform. You can manage multiple domains and can configure your set-ups via a simple-to-use interface. You’ll never have to waste precious install time again once you discover Digital Ocean.

These are just five of numerous fresh tools for developers. Staying on top of the latest resources is a terrific way to not only have access to cool new features but to also prove your ‘street cred’ to employers. Once an employer understands that you can not only code like a mad scientist but you also stay up-to-date on the latest developer tools, you are likely to become the go-to candidate for any upcoming development jobs. How many of these new resources will you be utilizing?

Photo by Tony Hall