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What Is Coming To Google Chrome In 2016

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What Is Coming To Google Chrome In 2016

Is Google Chrome the most beloved browser out there? We may never know for sure, but one wouldn’t have to look hard to hear Chrome’s raving fans answer, “Yes!” Chrome is always looking to enhance the user experience. 2016 will reveal more upgrades and changes sure to warm the hearts of Chrome users everywhere. Here are some planned features being released for 2016.

The Master List

Chrome has hundreds of in-development or proposed changes in the works. You can check out the master list of features by clicking here. Here’s a glimpse of what you will find:

  • ImageBitmap object. This image will represent a bitmap image and you can now paint it on a canvas with no latency.
  • Media Recorder. Streaming audio and video streams (encoded) can now be recorded.

(Mostly) Mobile Features

Data Saving

Chrome listens to what the market wants. One thing everyone wants is to save data usage. Google’s response? An upgrade that is slated to save over 70% of the current data being used on a mobile platform. The Android Chrome Data Save mode accomplishes this impressive task by removing images, helping pages load faster and implementing some serous compression work.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The program will be released in India and Indonesia first. No exact date has been given on when this will happen, but it’s coming.
  • No word yet on how or when desktop users will be able to capitalize on this.

Safe Browsing

Google Chrome is the worried Mom forced to send her baby off to college. They just want you to be safe. Is that so much to ask for? Android users will now default to safe browsing. This hardly means they want you only looking at PG-13 material. Safe browsing protects users from ugly consequences. Problems such as phishing, malware and a slew of cyber threats. Thanks Chrome!

Chrome 47

Chrome 47 gives plenty of reasons to have a conversation. For those of us who have used Chrome since its inception, the first topic might be something like, “Wow, are we getting older?” All jokes aside, Chrome 47 completed beta testing and just rolled out at the beginning of December.

Here are the most popular features: 3D touch on iPhones (compatibility required), 41 security fixes, MemorySanitizer/Memory Sanitiz bug fixes, and users may now use external or Bluetooth keyboards when searching. Google Chrome 47 can be found on the Google Play store and is ready to rock and roll on your device.

32-bit Chrome Support Ending On Multiple Platforms

In March of 2016, Google Chrome will no longer offer 32-bit support for Linux, Debian 7 or Ubuntu Precise (12.04). Google’s response as to why they made this choice centered around wanting to support Linux’s most popular platforms. Of which, 32-bit was not. Chrome will still work on these versions, but users should know there will be no new updates and no security fixes going forward.

Popular Chrome Extensions

Those who follow Chrome extensions know they range from enormously helpful to clever and playful. Here are a few Chrome extensions to add to both of those lists.

  • Universal Shopping Cart – No more poking around. You never have to find that credit card or attempt to remember your PayPal password again. Google Chrome’s Universal Shopping Cart extension aims to “make the whole web shoppable.” This patent-pending, universal shopping cart can be installed on local machines and mobile devices alike.Remember when I said Google listens to what users want? They also listen to what merchants want. The new Shoppable extension recognizes what is purchasable on a page and provides functionality to add items to a cart, all while never leaving the page you’re on. Wishlists, Facebook integration, and saved payment and shipping information take time and frustration out of the shopping equation.
  • The Panic Button – An essential need for those of us who work, while we are at …well, work? The Panic Button hides all of your browsing activity but allows the capability to pick-up exactly where you left off.
  • The Star Wars Spoiler App Extension – Showing the playful side of Chrome, the Star Wars Spoiler App Extension keeps you safe from movie spoilers.

Whether you are a Google Chrome user or not, it is worth taking the time getting to know the latest updates. Chrome has a lot in store for 2016. Review the list of their current plans and feel free to take advantage of the plentiful amount of extensions updates already at your fingertips.