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Who Is Still Using Internet Explorer 8

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Who Is Still Using Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8, which was introduced in 2009, is one of the first Internet browsers people learn how to use. It is very straight forward and has a simplistic design. However, most Americans switch to a different browser for home use. Internet Explorer 8 is one of the least used browsers in the United States, while Chrome and Firefox are found on most home computers.

Despite the large decrease of use in homes, Internet Explorer 8 is still used in a number of settings. Who still uses IE8? Asia widely uses IE 8 as opposed to newer versions. Corporations and government agencies also encourage the use of this outdated browser. What are the benefits of using Internet Explorer 8 instead of a newer version or alternative browser?

Internet Explorer 8 Use in Asia

Who still uses IE8 at home? While its popularity in the states has decreased in recent years, it is still on plenty of home computers overseas. Asia is one of the largest users of Internet Explorer 8, mostly due to the majority of computers using Windows XP operating systems. Internet Explorer 8 comes pre-installed with the operating system and works well with older websites.

Who Still Uses IE8 in Corporate America?

Not all Internet Explorer 8 users are overseas. The browser is widely used in corporate America and by the United States government. While speeds are still notably slower than other alternative browsers, these organizations need IE8 in order to work older web applications. Older web applications may be used for a number of reasons:

  • Efficiency and simplicity of the application
  • No update is needed to increase functionality
  • There is no time to train on alternative applications
  • Companies working with the organization use older devices
  • International compatibility

The Benefits of Using Internet Explorer 11

Many corporations and government agencies are getting technology upgrades that don’t have Internet Explorer 8. For example, people with a Windows 7 or above operating system will have IE 11 pre-installed on their device. Because there is still a demand for older technology, Windows has to find new and creative ways to allow for Internet Explorer 8 browsing.

One way that Microsoft caters to corporations that require older browsing equipment is with Enterprise Mode. This feature is included in Internet Explorer 11 as part of a Windows update. It is designed to allow users to view web pages and applications using older Internet Explorer technology. The compatibility mode is widely adapted by American businesses.